German tableware is a hit in Japan

German tablekits and other German household products are selling in Japan, according to the maker of a new series of German-made tableware.

The tableware maker, which calls itself J.W. Schreiber, said it sold a total of 2,943 German-produced tableware sets in Japan in the 12 months ending June 30.

The total is the most for any one brand in the region and comes in less than a year since J.

Schreiber launched its German-themed line in 2014.


Schreweriber is based in Berlin, Germany.

It was launched as a way to show off the company’s expertise in the design and production of household products, including tableware and decorative objects, said J.S. Schrenck, the company chairman.

It’s a way of celebrating the country’s 70th anniversary and helping its younger generations appreciate its great heritage, Schreber said.

The tableware range has grown since the company launched it in late 2015.

The company plans to expand the product line with other European and American brands, he said.

The new tableware was made by J. W. Schriber, which also makes German-designed tableware for furniture.

J W.

Schriber makes tableware in Germany, France, Switzerland and the U.K. It is headquartered in Cologne.

The company has been in business since 2009, Schrenk said.

Schrenck said the company expects to expand its product line in the coming years and is preparing to open a factory in Japan.

The plan includes expanding production capacity and opening a new distribution center.

Schrekers products are available in Japan as well as other markets in Asia, Europe, and the United States, he added.

The brand has seen a surge in sales after J.A. Schrebber, the founder of J.L. Schrankel, which produces tableware made by the same company, launched in 2014, Schlenker said.

JL Schrankels products are sold in Japan and other countries, Schrekker said, and it expects to see more sales as more brands expand their offerings.

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