‘Selfridges’ to open the selfridges shop in India

Selfridges India’s opening on March 8 is the first time that the company has opened a new shop in a major metropolitan area.

The company has set up shop in the city of Kolkata, the capital of the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, where it has been working for the past three years. 

A large sign outside the selfridge shop says, “Welcome to Selfridges, the modern, self-serving, modern brand that is more than just an old name, more than the store name.”

Selfridges was founded in 1868 in England as a wholesale store for the family business of Thomas Hogg, a well-known retailer.

Its namesake, Richard Hogg , died in 1908.

The brand became known for its high-quality and convenient self-serve shopping experience and became known as a global leader in the self-service shopping industry. 

“The journey of the brand began in India, in the early days, with self-servicing and the brand has remained strong in India and in the United Kingdom, as we have expanded to a range of markets around the world,” a company spokesperson told the Financial Times.

Selfridges now operates in 30 countries, including India, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, South Africa, Singapore, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, the UK, and several others. 

The selfridges brand was created by Thomas Hagg in 1869, in England. 

In 1893, the company was acquired by Hogg and his son, Richard, and then named Hogg & Hogg.

In 1906, Richard died and in 1926, the Hogg family sold the company to Hogg’s son, Robert, who also founded the Haggs Group. 

Since its inception in 1866, the family of Hogg has been responsible for the business of selling, selling, and selling. 

Selfridges began in 1890 by selling tea and sugar.

Since its inception, the business has grown to include an extensive range of items, including clothes, furniture, books, and other household goods. 

Last year, the chain opened its first retail store in Mumbai. 

 Selfridge founder Thomas Hogs death was a shock to many in India.

Many people were surprised when Hogg died of cancer, the oldest living person in the world. 

He was known as an enthusiastic salesman and the founder of a family business which was famous for its self-sufficiency and self-reliance. 

For more information on Selfridges visit: www.selfridges.com  The news outlet also shared a link to a news report that said that the store will have an opening on April 5. 

There are several stores around India that will be opening their doors in the coming days. 

Source: Google News

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