When does the tableware aisle go dark?

Some tableware companies are planning to shut down their online catalogues next month.

CBC News has learned the shutdown is part of a push to keep prices low.

The companies say they have made it to the point where they can’t afford to continue selling their products online.

“I think that it’s inevitable that the industry’s going to be down in terms of the prices we can sell them at,” said Bill Sibbins, a vice-president of online sales at Harga Zen Tableware.

“We’re just not going to do it.”

He says the company plans to sell its products online again this summer and will continue to sell at retail stores.

Harga Zen says it is still making payments on its debt and is selling its online catalog at the same time as its online stores.

“I’m just going to sell our inventory at retail, and I’m just keeping the prices down,” Sibbs says.

In some cases, the table-ware industry has been selling online for more than a decade.

Sibbos says the online industry has become so profitable that many companies have moved to making their online business viable by offering discounts and incentives.

The tableware industry is facing the same challenges as other industries.

Siburis says the downturn has made it harder for businesses to find qualified workers to fill jobs.

The industry is still seeing an uptick in new entrants into the industry.

“It’s still a challenging market,” he says.

Some of the companies have been making deals to cut prices, but it’s not clear if they will succeed.

A company called Hargu Tableware has agreed to cut its prices by 10 per cent this summer.

The company says it’s been making payments to its creditors.

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