When you can eat your vegetables: What you can cook with tableware

It’s been two weeks since Chrissy Teigen’s viral Instagram video featuring a homemade vegetable salad appeared.

But the celebrity chef has still been busy.

As a result, her family’s tableware business has been left to sit idle as her brand’s reputation has suffered.

“It’s not really good.

People aren’t really looking for that.

We’re not even on Instagram anymore,” Teigen said.

It took Teigen a year to get the word out about the product, which she says is a great way to let people know about her passion for vegetables.

She decided to get involved in the #VegetarianWon hashtag, which encourages people to create and share recipes for the restaurant’s products, as well as for people who want to learn more about the chef.

The campaign was started by chef/owner Matt Biederman, who has also created a food blog and a Facebook page for the brand.

When it launched, Biedermans campaign was successful.

By July, it had gained over 30,000 likes and over 2,200 shares.

In total, the campaign generated over $5,000 for the Teigen family.

Despite being a brand new brand, Teigen is still getting noticed for her recipes.

Biederman told me she believes the brand has a great future, especially for people looking to make healthy food more accessible.

People who don’t have the money to spend on ingredients can still buy healthy products, like teas, so they’re less likely to suffer from chronic illness.

With the success of the campaign, Teigeins family was able to make more tableware.

For her part, Teigmans husband and husband-to-be, Matt, said the campaign has helped his business.

“We have a couple customers who have asked for teas or tea towels for their tables, and we’ve also been able to sell teas online through our website,” he said.

“I think we’ve really pushed the envelope with the campaign and really encouraged people to learn about the kitchen, and make healthy choices.”

The kids have been super supportive of it, and the mom has been really helpful.

“As Teigen prepares for her third wedding anniversary, she hopes her customers will come back and enjoy the company.

This year, she is planning to do a full-blown celebration.

If you’re planning to attend, be sure to take note of the hashtag #HappyHappyHappy, where Teigen will be featured.

Read more about Chrissy and Matt Teigen and their restaurant, A Cushion of Skin: http://t.co/1QJvO4xwXs #happyhappyhappy — ChrissyTeigen (@ChrissyTeige) August 28, 2018

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