How to decorate your Christmas tableware

Here’s what you need to know before putting up your Christmas tree decorations: 1.

Choose your tableware wisely.

While it’s tempting to decorating your tabletops, make sure you choose a quality brand, as some tableware can scratch or crack.


Check out the tableware and furniture options.

A good choice is a quality table, or a piece of furniture that’s been sitting on your counter for a while, said Laura Lopes, a marketing professor at Dalhousie University.


Check the durability of the table and furniture.

It’s important to be sure that the table or chair has been sitting there for a long time, and that the chair is durable enough for your Christmas party.


Make sure the decorating is on top of your Christmas decorations.

“It’s best to have the decorations on top and the table on the bottom, to create a really festive feeling,” Lopes said.


Make your table chairs easy to use.

If you want to create an elegant table for your holiday party, it helps to have sturdy and sturdy chairs, said Lopes.


Find a way to hang your decorations.

You can use a tablecloth or a large hanging chair.

If the chairs or tables are made out of glass, be sure to use it as a decorative piece, said John Muehlenberg, a professor at the University of Toronto’s Sauder School of Business.


Plan your decorations in advance.

You don’t want to go overboard, Mue, who teaches the course, said.

Make a list of what you want the table to look like and plan out the decorations before you set out to decor the table, he said.


Check to make sure that your decorations are in good condition.

Make certain the furniture and table are not damaged, and ensure that the decorations are up to date, said Mue.


Check your lights and candles.

Lighting and candles are important to decorators, and lighting is important when you’re doing things like placing your Christmas trees, said Chris MacLean, a partner at the Toronto office of consulting firm McKinsey & Co. It can be tempting to leave your lights on when you aren’t at your Christmas gathering, but MacLean said, it can also be a good idea to take your lights off at night.

MacLean also advises people to use candles when lighting Christmas trees to make them stand out more.


Decorate your table and chairs in the correct order.

You should choose chairs that are sturdy enough for a large event and light enough to make a festive sound.

Lopes recommends choosing light bulbs and candles in the order they are set up, MacLean added.


Choose a piece that has a decorative edge.

Lonesdale recommends a good-quality piece of glass for your table, and a solid piece of wood for the chairs.

If your table or chairs are made of wood, it’s important that the wood is not scratched or cracked, she said.


Keep your decorating area tidy.

Keep it tidy by putting your lights, candles, table and tableware in a bucket or basket and placing the decorations in a container with a tight fitting lid.

You want to leave room for the decorations to expand, said MacLean.


Use a light.

Lowers and light bulbs are an excellent way to brighten your holiday table, said MacDonald.


Get your decorations out before Christmas.

Maclean advises people who have a lot of decorations to buy a few extra light bulbs for their Christmas party or at least to plan a party that will include more light bulbs.


Don’t forget to leave a note on your table.

If someone is at your party and you’ve chosen to place decorations on your dining table, you should also write down where you placed them, Lopes advised.

You’ll want to make it clear how you chose to put them, she added.


Decorating the table can be an amazing gift.

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